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outbuilding and shed break ins.

Shed and outbuilding break ins have become as issue in the small villages in Central Bedfordshire. Your local Police Community Support Officers have been out after dark, engaging with residents and patrolling the areas. Its important to keep your property secure while protecting yourself too:

Gates should be kept secure using a padlock with a key, average sliding bolts aren’t always enough. It is important that key control is exercised so that keys can always be accounted for, and they should be stored securely when not in use. Do not be tempted to leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place – an offender can quickly find “hidden” keys. It is much better to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or family member. Padlocks can be open shackle or close shackle. The word ‘open’ in relation to an open shackle padlock refers to the fact that there is a substantial gap between the centre of the shackle and the body of the padlock. It is there for possible to attack the shackle with a crowbar or bolt clippers. The space between the shackle and the padlock body on a close shackle padlock is much smaller, making it difficult to attack.

Security lighting should form part of an overall security regime. It need not be expensive to install, maintain or run and provides a real deterrent to intruders. These lights can be motion censored.

The general upkeep of the sheds and outbuildings is very important. Locking the sheds at night and adding a shed alarm is a great option. Assuring the doors and windows are secure and un-damaged. Make sure all the items in the sheds and outbuildings are accounted for, tidy and in order. Keeping more expensive tools inside the house locked up. And make sure your overall security is in place, keeping cars, doors and windows locked at night.


You can report concerns to 101 or via the Beds Police website.                                                                  

Or phone 999 if you feel necessary.

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